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White Fillings

These are used to repair decayed or fractured permanent or primary teeth. All white fillings are covered with a protective sealant.

Pulp Treatment

The pulp (or nerve) of a tooth is the soft inner center of the tooth. When bacteria from tooth decay reach this nerve it can cause pain and infection. When this occurs, a standard filling will not be a effective treatment. Pulp therapy will be necessary to remove the infected tissue and replaced with a medication. This allows us to keep the tooth, pain and infection free.

A crown usually follows this procedure to protect the pulp treatment and the tooth.


On large cavities in primary and permanent teeth, stainless steel crowns are the best and most effective treatment. They are used when a filling is not possible due to the amount of damage to the tooth. These crowns are silver in colour and are placed in the back of the mouth were aesthetics is not a concern. They do not contain mercury.

The success rate of these restorations is 97-100% and they last until the primary molars are replaced by the permanent premolars usually around 11 or 12 years of age.