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We are able to offer all dental treatments that might be necessary for your child. These follow the same basic pattern as those for grown ups – except for the vital difference that each one is carried out with the particular needs of the individual child, both their physical as well as psychological needs.

At our first meeting we carry out a detailed examination. This will involve a gentle introduction to the dental setting, a cleaning and may involve X-Rays if necessary. Once this is completed we will explain, in simple terms what treatment, if any, is required including a full breakdown of the costs involved.

We will also assess your child’s individual coping abilities and discuss with you how best to approach treatment for your child. This approach will depend on what treatment is needed and your child’s age and stage of development as well as their previous dental experience. Some children do very well having treatment in the dental chair in a calm and supportive way. Others may need the aid of nitrous oxide sedation (‘happy air’). Others still may need to have all there treatment needs met in one visit under general anaesthesia.