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Tobacco and Smoking

Smoking can jeopardize your child’s health and cause incurable damage. It is vital to teach your child about the dangers of smoking. We are all aware of the danger of lung damage but smoking is also an important factor in the formation of oral cancer. If your child (or anyone!) is a tobacco user you should watch for the following that could be early signs of oral cancer:
1. A sore that won’t heal.
2. White or red leathery patches on the lips, and on or under the tongue.
3. Pain, tenderness or numbness anywhere in the mouth or lips.

Because the early signs of oral cancer usually are not painful, people often ignore them. If it’s not caught in the early stages, oral cancer can require extensive, sometimes disfiguring, surgery. Even worse, it can kill.
Help your child avoid tobacco in any form. An important start in this is to have a smoke free home and set a clean-air example! By doing so, they (and you!) will avoid bringing cancer-causing chemicals in direct contact with their tongue, gums and cheek.