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Prevention of Tooth Decay

Prevention is much simpler, kinder and more cost effective than cure – our ethos and emphasis always is on the prevention of dental diseases and tooth decay.

Tooth decay is not inevitable! It is a preventable disease and we can modify our habits to make sure that it doesn’t start and if it has that is doesn’t progress.

Decay is caused by bacteria on our teeth interacting with the sugars in our diet.

Therefore, to prevent tooth decay we simply need to remove the bacteria with effective brushing and flossing and limit the amount of sugars in our diet!

There are a number of steps that we take to reduce the burden of dental decay for your child. These include:

  • Instructions on effective toothbrushing and flossing
  • Dietary analysis and advice
  • Advice of the appropriate use of fluoride products at home
  • Professional application of fluoride
  • Fissure sealants